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In light of today’s election, we have put together a few resources to help you cast your informed vote.

Google Voter Information Tool – Enter your address into this tool, and Google will provide you with information about your polling place, the candidates in the races, and any voter referenda.

Voter Identification Requirements – The National Conference of State Legislatures has compiled this list that describes what type of identification you need to take with you to vote. ProPublica has a detailed and helpful explanation of voter ID laws in an FAQ format.

Facebook’s U.S. Politics Page – A good resource for finding your polling place before you vote. On Tuesday, it is accessible from the top of your News Feed, and you can let your friends know that you’ve voted.

The Voting Information Project – A collaborative effort to develop technology tools to provide voters with easier access to information they need to make an informed vote.

The Judicial Races You Need to Know About – Ashby Jones at the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog walks through each state’s elections and highlights the crucial races.

Swing State Poll Opening and Closing Times – Business Insider has put together a list of opening and closing times for the polls in swing states, as well as some other key times to know.

Verdict Columns on Election Law – A listing of previous Verdict columns discussing many aspects of election law, including pieces by U.C. Davis Law professor Vikram David Amar, former counsel to the president John Dean, and Cornell Law professor Michael Dorf.

Verdict Columns on Politics – Opinion and commentary from Verdict columnists, including George Washington Law professor Neil Buchanan, former counsel to the president John Dean, and Hofstra Law professor Joanna Grossman.

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