Katharine Bartlett

Katharine T. Bartlett is A. Kenneth Pye Professor of Law at Duke University. She publishes widely in the areas of sex discrimination, family law, and employment discrimination, and is co-author of Gender and Law: Theory, Doctrine and Commentary (7th edition forthcoming 2017, with Joanna Grossman & Deborah Rhode). She was formerly dean of Duke Law School. Libby Ryan is her grandniece.

Columns by Katharine Bartlett

Blue for Boys, White With Flowers for Girls: When Commencement Is an Exercise in Discrimination


Hofstra University law professor Joanna L. Grossman and Duke law professor Katharine T. Bartlett explain why a high school policy prescribing one color of robes for boys and another color for girls violates both the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and Title IX. Grossman and Bartlett describe how this controversy could be easily resolved, as other schools have resolved other similar controversies.