Jessica Weisel
Jessica Weisel

Jessica Weisel is an experienced litigator and member of the California Appellate Law Group handling civil appeals, writs, and substantive trial court motions for businesses and individuals. She has litigated in nearly every federal circuit Court of Appeals and has extensive experience in the California Supreme Court and California Court of Appeal.

Jessica graduated from Yale Law School, where she was a senior editor of the Yale Law Journal. She received her undergraduate degree, with honors, from Grinnell College in Iowa.

Columns by Jessica Weisel
Are Rideshare Drivers Like Uber’s and Lyft’s Subject to the Federal Arbitration Act?

NYU Law professor Samuel Estreicher and appellate lawyers Rex Heinke and Jessica Weisel describe the uncertainty surrounding whether Uber and Lyft drivers are subject to the Federal Arbitration Act. The authors note the split of authority across the nation and note that, depending on the outcome of litigation in the Second, Third, and Eleventh Circuits, the question may soon come before the U.S. Supreme Court to resolve.