Anita Felicelli
Anita Felicelli

Anita Felicelli is a writer and attorney. She received her Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley in art, rhetoric and English. She graduated from UC Berkeley School of Law, where she focused on intellectual property, human and civil rights, and international law. 

While in law school, Felicelli studied the intersection of business and human rights issues at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam for a quarter and worked on the Berkeley Technology Law Journal. She also interned for a human rights organization and served as a summer associate to a plaintiff's copyright law firm based in San Francisco. 

Felicelli worked as a litigator in private practice for eight years, focusing primarily on all aspects of construction law. Subsequently she briefly served as general counsel and director of publications at a nonprofit, dealing with intellectual property and employment law issues. She continues to follow IP and human rights issues as a freelance writer.

Columns by Anita Felicelli
Traversing Anupam Chander’s The Electronic Silk Road

Justia guest columnist and attorney Anita Felicelli reviews Anupam Chander’s book The Electronic Silk Road. Felicelli praises the book as a lucid, thoughtful, and dispassionate survey of Trade 2.0 and cyberspace law. Although she offers mild critique that the book’s coverage of implementation may not satisfy skeptics of its premises, she concludes that the book impressively provides much-needed commentary on a subject that is complex and difficult.