Sezgi G. Fuechec
Sezgi G. Fuechec

Sezgi is a foreign-trained transactional lawyer who holds an LL.M. degree in banking and financial law from Boston University School of Law. Her academic achievements were recognized by the A. John Serino Outstanding Graduate Banking & Financial Law Student Prize. She is currently working as a graduate research assistant and seeking admission to the New York State Bar.

Prior to permanently relocating to the United States, she was a part of the banking and capital markets team led by the asset management leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers Turkey, where she achieved a senior position a year earlier than the usual timeline. Her practice mainly focuses on financial services, more specifically, alternative investment funds. She previously handled a client portfolio including banks, financial institutions, investment funds, asset management companies and large sophisticated investors operating in energy, technology, real estate and infrastructure industries of Europe and the Middle East.

On a personal note, she enjoys indulging her wanderlust and is keen on doing nature activities with her rescue dog.

Columns by Sezgi G. Fuechec
Employees’ Representation in Corporate Boards

Guest columnists Tamar Frankel, the Robert B. Kent Professor of Law at Boston University School of Law, and Sezgi G. Fuechec, a foreign-trained transactional lawyer with an LL.M. degree in banking and financial law, discuss the trend of employee representation in corporate boards. Frankel and Fuechec point out that while idea of employee representation in the board level is not novel, it is an important development that more corporations should embrace now, rather than waiting until there is a significant conflict between employees, management, and financiers.