Barbara Stark
Barbara Stark

Barbara Stark is a Professor of Law and John DeWitt Gregory Research Scholar at Hofstra University. She received her B.A. from Cornell University, cum laude, her J.D. from NYU, and her LL.M. from Columbia University. She is a prolific author of articles, chapters, and books on family law and international law.
Her recent books include: International Family Law: An Introduction (2005); Global Issues in Family Law (with Ann Estin, 2007); Family Law in the World Community (with Marianne Blair et al., 2nd & 3rd editions, 2009 & 2015); International Law and Its Discontents: Confronting Crisis (Barbara Stark ed. 2015, Cambridge); and Family Law in New York (with Joanna Grossman, eds. 2016).

Columns by Barbara Stark
A Leader with Few Followers: New York on Family Law

Hofstra University law professors Joanna Grossman and Barbara Stark discuss a new law in New York that will reform alimony law and reverse a longstanding rule of marital property in that state. Grossman and Stark describe New York’s unusual family law history and explain how it arrived at this new law, which goes into effect in part this week.